Our Vision

Cycling is a great way to get around and keep fit, so why do we see so few cyclists on Hayling Island, compared to, say, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia?
After all, it’s a great place to cycle!

  • No hills!
  • Lovely countryside and sea views all round
  • Great cycling weather
  • No through traffic
  • South Downs national park right on our doorstep

People tell us they’re put off by the busy roads, the muddy tracks, and countless other reasons.  We think that can and must be changed.

We want to make Hayling England’s most cycle-friendly island, where cycling is :-

  • Easy, fun and safe for all ages and abilities.
  • Preferred for most local trips to school, work, shops, leisure and for exercise.
  • Practical for trips to Havant, the trains and beyond.
  • Without busy main roads and junctions, muddy tracks or massive detours.

And that needs things like new and better off-road cycle routes, better parking, training and publicity.  We know that will take time, but the sooner we start, the sooner we will finish.

Our current ‘wish list’:  This is our prioritised list of cycle facilities that would most benefit the island’s residents, visitors, businesses and the community as a whole.  This was very useful in our initial contacts with Havant and Hampshire councils.  Most of the items will or have now appeared as individual projects.

Here’s a map of showing all our ‘wish list’ items:

Download the latest version of our wish list document.

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