Who we are

Across our 285 signed up supporters, we cover the whole spectrum of cycling – fast and slow, young and old, road and off-road, work and pleasure – everything.

Our core team, who are most active on our projects, include :-

  • Andy Henderson - our Chair, also responsible for our website.
  • Sue Underwood – looks after: our famous Cycle Map of Hayling, our money, and is the main liaison with Hayling’s BEST.
  • Robert Sebley – who drives our vision for better cycling, also looking after publicity, and the main liaison with Hampshire and Havant councils and CTC.
  • Dave Mowatt – a mountain-biking parent keen to get his children cycling, and our schools liaison.
  • John Rosbottom – a lifelong cyclist, CTC member and ex-cycle-commuter, who also helps with the website.
  • Wilf Forrow – another CTC member who enjoys long-distance cycle-camping, responsible for the map signboards project and building our web site.
  • Joy Forrow – another mad-keen road cyclist, CTC and Sustrans member, dedicated to attracting new supporters; Joy records the minutes of our meetings.

If you’d like to contribute, please click here to contact us.

We don’t want to get bogged down in formality, but we do feel we should be properly organised if we are to achieve all our goals.  So at the 2013 AGM, we elected a committee, with the following roles :-

Chair Andy Henderson
Membership Andy Henderson
Treasurer Sue Underwood
Minutes of meetings Joy Forrow
Publicity Robert Sebley
CTC liaison Robert Sebley
Sustrans liaison Joy Forrow
Local authority liaison Robert Sebley
Hayling’s BEST (MTI) liaison Sue Underwood
Schools liaison Dave Mowatt (parent)

If you would like to contribute, please contact us and help improve cycling on Hayling, by clicking here.