Hayling Herald article for April 2022

Here’s what we submitted for our Hayling Herald April 2022 column, with online links and more pictures …

What’s YOUR vision for Cycling and Walking on Hayling?

Cycle Hayling is trying an experiment this month. Our County Councillor, Lance Quantrill, had some ideas for the Billy Trail and reducing traffic, and asked to base them on our well-known Cycle Hayling cycle map, to trigger discussion. We’re always up for ideas, so of course we said yes.

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Hayling Herald article March 2022

Here’s what we submitted for our Hayling Herald March 2022 column, with online links and more pictures …

Hayling Regeneration

Hayling’s Sea Front does need a refresh, and the Council’s Regeneration Plans look to do that. They said cycling and walking is at their core, but when we looked at the map, it wasn’t clear how. Please keep reminding your councillors about it. There simply isn’t room for any more cars. Check out Cycle Hayling’s 10-point regeneration comments at cyclehayling.org.uk/regen.

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Hayling Cycle Safari 2022

Hayling Cycle Safari map

What would you like Hayling’s Cycle Safari to do this year?!!!

Our 2021 Safari saw 67 Islanders getting their maps stamped at up to 16 venues across the island. But we think quite a few more were doing it just for fun, as not everyone claimed their free bike lights from Hayling Cycles, or they already had lights.

Councillor Lance Quantrill believes Hampshire County Council will support it again, and has come up with some great ideas.

Please give us your views in our very quick survey.

Or if you prefer, email them to us via wilf@cyclehayling.org.uk or contact Councillor Quantrill direct.

Thank you!

Hayling Herald article February 2022

Here’s our Hayling Herald February 2022 column, for those that didn’t get to see it.

Highway Code Changes!

Whether you’re a motorist, cyclist or pedestrian (or all of the above), you need to know about the new changes to the Highway Code which have just gone live. We’ve summarised the big changes below, so you can help make Hayling’s roads safer and more people-friendly :

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Decarbonising transport

Cycling was banned from the COP26 conference Transport day. Our government said it was just about zero emission vehicles, even though bikes are the ultimate zero emission vehicles. You can see cyclists protesting about it here.

But there was a brilliant side session on how we can decarbonise transport and regain our streets for people, for children, for the disabled.

It’s not long, but if you’re short of time, we recommend starting at 9 minutes, and maybe setting YouTube to speed up playback to 1.25, or even 1.5. But the first section is good too if you have time to rewind to the beginning.

Worth watching for Chris Boardman alone – he just explains it so simply.