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This is from The Times leader section on 27th May…

Britain’s love affair with bicycles is a triumph of common sense

The news that the popularity of cycling in Britain has reached a 24-year high should be a cause for quiet national satisfaction. The bicycle is a cheap, healthy, enjoyable, environmentally-friendly, unstressful and not least civilising mode of transport. The continuing resurgence of pedal power is an unequivocally positive development in contemporary British life. The increments of such long term trends add up, over time, to an improved quality of life for everyone — motorists (they would do well to note) as much as anyone else.

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Good Reasons to travel by Bicycle

Mengham Junior School pupils took part in a “Cycle Quiz” to think of as many good reasons as possible for traveling by bicycle. They came up with a fabulous total of 51 reasons why. Take a look at the list below, and if you can come up with any more good reasons, why don’t you tell Cycle Hayling about them? Just email them to sue@cyclehayling.org.uk, and if they’re good reasons for travelling by bicycle, they will be added to the list! Continue reading “Good Reasons to travel by Bicycle”

Did you know …

Using your car for short journeys, such as first thing in the morning with the engine cold, is costly and polluting because car engines use more fuel when cold and catalytic converters take around six miles before they become effective. Far better to find alternative ways to travel when popping out to the local shop or dropping off the kids for school. It is also during this engine warm-up period when most engine wear takes place leading to higher maintenance costs – so for the conscientious motorist the best advice is ‘Avoid short journeys’.

How cycling keeps us healthy

The Government’s chief medical adviser has recommended regular cycling as a way to help prevent cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and mental health problems, calling on councils to embrace a “valuable opportunity” to invest in cycle provision.

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