Hayling Islander article July 2019

This is the article we submitted for the July edition of the Hayling Islander. The published article was subject to editing by the Islander. It comes after news that the July edition of the Islander will be the last.

Is this goodbye?

Let’s hope this isn’t our last Hayling Islander!

Whether you’re a cyclist, motorist, pedestrian, parent, or a potential future cyclist, you’re affected by what the council does with traffic over the coming few years!

So don’t lose contact with Cycle Hayling – sign up now to stay in touch.

It’s easy and free, just go to CycleHayling.org.uk/signup. You won’t get mail-bombed – promise.

And we’re also on Facebook, if that’s your thing.

Like everyone, we were shocked the Islander is at risk, but determined to support the efforts to keep it alive.
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Cycle Hayling update – March 2019

Since 2016, we’ve been publishing a monthly Cycle Hayling column in the Hayling Islander to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on (which we now publish on our website for anyone who doesn’t get the Islander).

However, as that’s aimed at the general public, we can’t always speak as freely as we’d like, and so we haven’t kept our supporters or our web site updated as much as we should have.

So here’s a summary of what’s been going on, to save you reading the whole website (which you’ll see we’re gradually updating). A lot has happened, so you can click any heading below to see it in bite-sized chunks ….

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Hayling Islander column February 2019

This is our Hayling Islander column for February (excluding any editing by the Islander, images may differ). 

Cycle Hayling launches our new website and ‘Smooth the Path’ campaign.

Smooth the Path

Does Hayling deserve smooth, all-weather paths that can be used safely by everyone? Not just by cyclists, but by parents walking with buggies, kids with scooters and balance bikes, wheelchairs, disabled buggies, and even people who struggle with balance? Like the ones on the mainland in Havant?

Because Hampshire County Council says we don’t.

And that’s why Cycle Hayling is launching our new 2019 website with our ‘Smooth the Path’ campaign.

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