Our 2018 ‘Preview’ social ride

Thanks to all Cycle Hayling supporters who ignored the rain clouds and came out on Friday 27th July for our 2018 ‘Preview’ social ride to preview the Council’s planned cycling improvements, chat about future ones, and celebrate cycling on Hayling.
It was great to see everyone, including two of our councillors, and several new riders.
We did a near ‘figure of eight’ around the island, with some more great photos here.
This is where we went:
  • 18:00:  Leave from the Yew Tree Inn towards Northney.
  • 18:10:  Visit site of new Northney coastal footpath (tragically only pedestrian width, due to space constraints, but we did try).
  • 18:15:  Leave car park at bridge, opposite AppleGreen petrol station: Ride south down Billy Trail.
  • 18:25:  Footpath to Denhill Close which we’ve got funding to upgrade for cycling.
  • 18:30:  Ride along proposed East/West cycle route – Saltmarsh Lane, Brights Lane, Higworth Lane to St Mary’s Church.
  • 18:35:  Ride through Legion Field to see planned new cycle path to Mengham Junior school.
  • 18:40:  Ride through Halyards Estate to join Footpath 102 (surface and drainage improvements planned)
  • 18:45:  Ride down Rails Lane, proposed signed quiet route towards Sandy Point via St Hermans Rd.
  • 18:50:  Arrive Olive Leaf pub.
  • 19:00:  Leave Olive Leaf pub to ride along new beach path to Ferry Boat Inn, possibly via Hayling Park to see planned path widening.
  • 19:20:  Arrive Ferry Boat Inn. to toast the new Ferry and chat about the future for cycling on Hayling.  They do good food, and probably a fish and chips wagon.
  • 20:30:  Disperse for home, with an optional ride up the Billy Trail to Daw Lane and back to Yew Tree Inn.
Full details of the original event is at cyclehayling.org.uk/events/event/2018-ride-event/
Yours in cycling, Andy, Sue, Robert, Dave, David, Heather, Wilf & Joy.

Cycle Hayling update July 2018

Thank you for supporting Cycle Hayling in our efforts to make Hayling more cycle-friendly.  When you read on, you’ll realise we will need your support more than ever.

1) This Friday evening, don’t forget to join our leisurely ride to preview the Council’s planned cycling improvements, chat about future ones, and celebrate cycling on Hayling.
More details on our website

2) Wednesday 8th August, our Turbo Challenge at 3 Churches Fete, from 12.00 to 16.15, in Hayling Park, West Town, Hayling Island.
Cycle Hayling and Portsmouth CTC will, as in past years, have our 2 Turbo Challenge bikes to see who can ride the furthest in 1 minute.  This has been very well attended with many riders competing at previous events and is one of the ways we promote Cycle Hayling, our local Cycling UK club (Portsmouth CTC) and generally encourage cycling.
Come along and join the fun, and even better help to set up and manage the stall.
If you can help out in any way please email me at 

More details here.

3) Cycle Hayling is feeling re-invigorated, and we’re delighted to welcome two keen new committee members, Heather Mulgrew-Tonge and David Giffard, and a new chair, Joy Forrow.  They will work alongside our existing committee, Sue Underwood, Robert Sebley, Dave Mowatt, Andy Henderson and Wilf Forrow.

4) Friday’s ride will visit the sites of some improvements which are the culmination of years of hard work by Cycle Hayling, Havant and Hampshire Councils, our councillors and others.  So we’re somewhat frustrated that they’re not big as hoped, and that they’ve been delayed yet again – from starting in spring, then summer, and now autumn, partly waiting for landowner permissions. 

They’ve been ‘within months’ for a very long time now.  We need the council to finish these so we can move on – there’s so much more to do.  We badly need more cycle paths and quiet routes all over the island, where children and adults can be protected from traffic, and gain confidence.  We need to complete the East/West path to the Billy Trail, including at least the path from Denhill Close, which we recently won funding for, a cycle path along Rails Lane, and another to the Ferry.

5) But most of all, we need a good direct route from Mengham to the bridge.
One which is direct, safe, clean, all-weather and pleasant to ride, targeted at commuters, school-children, shoppers, as well as for exercise and leisure.  With e-bikes getting cheaper and better, and doubling most people’s range, Havant is within range of many, and could replace many car journeys.  So the main road on Hayling and Havant would have less cars, less bikes, and less air pollution – a win-win for everybody.

What we have today is completely unacceptable, especially for children or the less confident.  The Billy Trail is out of the way for most people, and its surface is rough and hopeless in wet weather.  The only alternative is a narrow, over-crowded and dangerous main road.  Even the Northney route is a long detour, and too daunting for many. 

This is an ambitious project – we know, because we’ve been trying for years, and it might take many more – but it’s worth it because it would transform our island.

So we’re applying to the council’s CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) fund to fund a professional feasibility study for a proper non-traffic cycle path.  And we’ll be asking you to lobby your councillors when they have to decide, probably around November.

So come along on Friday and tell us what you think is most important!

Vote for cycling in the local elections!

Cycle Hayling is resolutely non-political, but I thought you should know that I’m standing in the local election for West Hayling to try and boost cycling, partly out of frustration with the slow progress in making Hayling more cycle-friendly, but also to replace the irreplaceable Andy Lenaghan, who has had to stand down, but who has always been very supportive of Cycle Hayling.

I apologise for this email, especially for those of you off the island, but we wouldn’t be much of a campaigning organisation if we didn’t at least tell you, and we simply don’t have the resources to print and deliver leaflets to everyone on Hayling.

Our campaign leaflet is at http://havant-libdems.org/media/files/hayling-leaflet.pdf, please do take a look at it.

And for true impartiality, here are details, such as I could find, of the other candidates standing (apologies if I’ve missed any) :

And the full list of candidates:

Hayling West (two vacancies, two votes):
Liberal Democrat: Wilf Forrow & Paul Gray
Conservative: Michael Wilson & Issy Scott
Labour: Ian Heaphy & Jack Mealy
Ukip: Tricia Farnham

Hayling East:
Liberal Democrat: Suzette Gray
Conservative: Rosy Raines
Labour: Peter Oliver
Green Party: Natasha Parker
Ukip: John Perry

Yours in cycling,

Wilf Forrow, Cycle Hayling

Are you 55 or over?

According to the Hayling Islander, Havant Borough Council has been awarded a £147,000 grant from the National Lottery’s Sport England to promote sporting activities by residents aged 55 or older.

HBC is looking to find out from you what kind of activities it should support. If you are in that age category and would like to see HBC help you get into cycling or other sporting activities, please complete their questionnaire.

Hayling Island traffic consultation

Havant Borough Council is conducting a short consultation about traffic on Hayling Island. This includes a section about cycling and a specific question about use of an all-weather surface for the Billy Trail.

You can get printed copies of the questionnaire at the library or the community centre, or you can complete the survey (which is just 21 questions) online at www.havant.gov.uk/hayling-survey.

Completed surveys have to be in by 10th December.

Portsmouth commits to 10% of transport budget on cycling

Portsmouth City Council has just voted to commit at least 10% of its local transport budget to cycling.   It’s a real watershed moment. 

Many of us cycle in Portsmouth.  Being flat and a student city, it’s big on cycling and has pretty good cycle infrastructure (compared to Hayling, Havant and the surrounding area).  But it’s also pretty big on accidents, so there’s lots more to do.

It’s a tribute to the tireless campaigning of PompeyBug, the Bicycle User Group, also known as Portsmouth Cycle Forum.  And to Cycling UK – our national team was heavily involved, so it’s great to see what our subscriptions help to pay for.  

If you want to see Havant and Hampshire commit to the same, just sign up here (it’s free!).

More details at: www.cyclinguk.org/blog/watershed-moment-portsmouth-council-back-space-cycling .  Well worth reading.

Our local Cycling UK branch has many members in and around Portsmouth, (although we mostly ride from Havant).  We’ll be holding the council to it, and making sure it leads to real improvements in cycling, not just a spinning class  🙂

One school’s bike revolution

Do watch this inspiring little video from Sustrans, showing one Primary School’s bike revolution.  Turns out kids can have fun and get free and healthy exercise at the same time.  And reduce congestion and parking problems at school.

Hayling’s schools support cycling, and our cycle routes to school are (slowly) getting better. Cycle Hayling wants to see kids on Hayling having fun and cycling to school.  Wouldn’t it be great if by 2018 we could say that this video could have been made on Hayling!

Sustrans is the Sustainable Transport charity that created the National Cycle Network, which includes the Hayling Billy Trail.  Many Cycle Hayling supporters are also supporters of Sustrans.

Sustrans video

A great social ride around East Hayling

Thanks to all those 18 or so hardy souls who braved the wind to ride around East Hayling last Friday, on our first social ride of 2017.  And especially to our 7 new supporters, and the people who brought them along!  It was great to meet you all.

I’m sorry we didn’t make it all the way along to the Ferry Boat Inn, but the wind really was a bit violent for social riding, so we went back to the Olive Leaf for a drink and a chat.

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to  https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1xnhL9, just to prove it really was sunny, and quite warm, even in the wind.

Several people said we should do it more often, so maybe in the autumn ….

Join Cycle Hayling’s leisurely ride next Friday and celebrate cycling on Hayling

Please come along next Friday (18-August-17) for a short leisurely ride with Cycle Hayling to celebrate cycling on Hayling, and chat about what’s going on with future cycle routes.  There’s a lot planned for the next year or so, but plenty more to do.

  • Please feel free to join and leave us at any point.  We’ll be easy to spot – we’ll be carrying ‘Cycle Hayling’ signs.
  • 17:30 Meet at the Olive Leaf pub for some optional lubrication.  Maybe lubricate the bikes as well  🙂
  • 18:00 Depart the Olive Leaf to cycle eastwards towards Sandy Point, via Sparkes Marina to see their new bike hire.
  • 18:30 Ride westwards passing the Olive Leaf again to pick up any late arrivals, then on to the Ferry Boat Inn.
  • 18:45 Arrive Ferry Boat Inn for another optional celebratory lubrication – maybe we can toast the new ferry Pontoons!
  • 20:00 Disperse for home, with an optional ride down the Billy Trail for anyone that wants.  You may need lights – it’s getting darker by 20:00.

It’s open to anyone.  You don’t need to be fast!  And you don’t need to be a signed up supporter (but it’s free, so why wouldn’t you be, if you want better cycling on Hayling? sign up here!).

  • No charge – just turn up!
  • The timings are approximate and weather dependent.
  • Approximate distance if you ride it all is 5 miles (plus your mileage to start & finish).
  • Helmets recommended, especially for children.
  • Children under 14 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Riders take responsibility for themselves – Cycle Hayling is only showing you the route and cannot accept any liability.

Please do come along and show your support for making Hayling more cycle-friendly! More details on our website at http://www.cyclehayling.org.uk/2017-leisurely-ride/
If you have any further questions, email us at wilf@cyclehayling.org.uk.

Here are some pictures of last year’s ride (yes – wasn’t it sunny! Always is on Hayling!).

Yours in cycling, Andy Henderson, Sue Underwood, Robert Sebley, Dave Mowatt, Wilf & Joy Forrow.

Cycle Hayling in the Hayling Islander free newspaper

You may have seen Cycle Hayling’s monthly column in the Hayling Islander free newspaper.  We’ve been doing it since October 2016.   If you didn’t see the originals in the paper, here’s our back catalogue.  They’re as published – I’m afraid they do edit and cut our copy to fit space available and their editorial preferences, but hey, it’s still good exposure for cycling.
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