One school’s bike revolution

Do watch this inspiring little video from Sustrans, showing one Primary School’s bike revolution.  Turns out kids can have fun and get free and healthy exercise at the same time.  And reduce congestion and parking problems at school.

Hayling’s schools support cycling, and our cycle routes to school are (slowly) getting better. Cycle Hayling wants to see kids on Hayling having fun and cycling to school.  Wouldn’t it be great if by 2018 we could say that this video could have been made on Hayling!

Sustrans is the Sustainable Transport charity that created the National Cycle Network, which includes the Hayling Billy Trail.  Many Cycle Hayling supporters are also supporters of Sustrans.

Sustrans video

A great social ride around East Hayling

Thanks to all those 18 or so hardy souls who braved the wind to ride around East Hayling last Friday, on our first social ride of 2017.  And especially to our 7 new supporters, and the people who brought them along!  It was great to meet you all.

I’m sorry we didn’t make it all the way along to the Ferry Boat Inn, but the wind really was a bit violent for social riding, so we went back to the Olive Leaf for a drink and a chat.

I’ve uploaded a few pictures to, just to prove it really was sunny, and quite warm, even in the wind.

Several people said we should do it more often, so maybe in the autumn ….

Join Cycle Hayling’s leisurely ride next Friday and celebrate cycling on Hayling

Please come along next Friday (18-August-17) for a short leisurely ride with Cycle Hayling to celebrate cycling on Hayling, and chat about what’s going on with future cycle routes.  There’s a lot planned for the next year or so, but plenty more to do.

  • Please feel free to join and leave us at any point.  We’ll be easy to spot – we’ll be carrying ‘Cycle Hayling’ signs.
  • 17:30 Meet at the Olive Leaf pub for some optional lubrication.  Maybe lubricate the bikes as well  :-)
  • 18:00 Depart the Olive Leaf to cycle eastwards towards Sandy Point, via Sparkes Marina to see their new bike hire.
  • 18:30 Ride westwards passing the Olive Leaf again to pick up any late arrivals, then on to the Ferry Boat Inn.
  • 18:45 Arrive Ferry Boat Inn for another optional celebratory lubrication – maybe we can toast the new ferry Pontoons!
  • 20:00 Disperse for home, with an optional ride down the Billy Trail for anyone that wants.  You may need lights – it’s getting darker by 20:00.

It’s open to anyone.  You don’t need to be fast!  And you don’t need to be a signed up supporter (but it’s free, so why wouldn’t you be, if you want better cycling on Hayling? sign up here!).

  • No charge – just turn up!
  • The timings are approximate and weather dependent.
  • Approximate distance if you ride it all is 5 miles (plus your mileage to start & finish).
  • Helmets recommended, especially for children.
  • Children under 14 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Riders take responsibility for themselves – Cycle Hayling is only showing you the route and cannot accept any liability.

Please do come along and show your support for making Hayling more cycle-friendly! More details on our website at
If you have any further questions, email us at

Here are some pictures of last year’s ride (yes – wasn’t it sunny! Always is on Hayling!).

Yours in cycling, Andy Henderson, Sue Underwood, Robert Sebley, Dave Mowatt, Wilf & Joy Forrow.

Cycle Hayling in the Hayling Islander free newspaper

You may have seen Cycle Hayling’s monthly column in the Hayling Islander free newspaper.  We’ve been doing it since October 2016.   If you didn’t see the originals in the paper, here’s our back catalogue.  They’re as published – I’m afraid they do edit and cut our copy to fit space available and their editorial preferences, but hey, it’s still good exposure for cycling.

2017-08 August
2017-07 July
2017-06 June
2017 May (missing – if you have a copy, please let us know) 2017 May
2017-04 April
2017-03 March
2017-02 February
2017-01 January
2016-12 December
2016-11 November
2016-10 October

Donkey Derby & Fete – Saturday 27 May

Hayling Lions Club are holding a Donkey Derby & Fete on Saturday 27 May at Legion Field (just off Legion Road), Hayling Island, from 13.00 to 17.00.

Cycle Hayling together with Portsmouth CTC will have a stall with loads of information about cycling.  We also have 2 Turbo Challenge bikes (full size and a children’s bike) to see who can ride the furthest in 1 minute, with prizes for the top riders.  This has been very well attended with over 100 riders competing in previous year’s events and is one of the ways we promote Cycle Hayling, the Portsmouth CTC club and generally encourage cycling.  Come along and join the fun, and even better help to set up and manage the stall.  If you can help out please e-mail at:

R4 Woman’s Hour gives entertaining and informative program on cycling

I’m no regular listener, but luckily I happened to switch on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 this morning (while spending May Day morning catching up with cleaning, rather than getting out on my bike!) and this edition was all about cycling. I found it very interesting and entertaining, so am sharing the link here in case you want to “listen again” (be warned you men out there however – you might find the detailed discussion of saddle-related health issues a bit too graphic!!). Click here to listen!

We’d like your views on a new cycle path

Havant Borough Council is planning a new cycle path. The path would join up with the existing shared path that goes from the north west corner of the bridge, to Mill Lane. It would continue all the way up the west side of Langstone road to the entrance to Langstone Technology Park. The path will be two-way. Some of it will be resurfaced and it will by-pass a tree that is right in the middle of the pavement. Havant is also proposing to improve some road layouts, crossings and amenities.

Click here to see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ plan.

On your behalf, we asked the following questions, and show the answers given by the project manager:

  1. Can you confirm the new shared cycle / pedestrian path to the south of the plan will be continuous from the end of the grey shaded section?
    Yes the grey merely indicates the section we would resurface. South of that, given pedestrian usage, we don’t propose at this stage to do anything physical other than to sign the route as far as Mill Lane. Were Southmere Field to come up for development we would expect a S106 to fund the remainder.
  2. What’s the thinking behind the upgraded crossing point between Woodberry Avenue and Langbrook Close? Is there an intention at some point to help people coming from the entrance to LTP cross to Woodberry Avenue as a route through to the Langstone section of the Billy Trail and then on to the east of Havant?
    That is a S278 commitment with the Langbrook Farm pub development which has been subsumed into this scheme for ease of delivery. It is to cycle standard and thus useful for access to the Billy Trail. It effectively forms part of the ‘jug handle’ for any southbound cyclists on Langstone Road to join the off road route on the west side.
  3. Having reached the north end of the new path, people will be looking for a route through to Havant or towards Portsmouth. Do you have another section in mind? We’ve heard that the Seagate car park is permissive – do you know if that’s right?
    We would be looking at a route continuing up the west side of Langstone Road past the Premier Inn, then through the woods (unregistered land) with a bridge over the stream to meet the cycle route at the subway. As to Seagate etc., yes there is a S106 agreement with SEEDA for a permissive cycle route. SEEDA no longer exists of course, and we never unfortunately claimed the money that the S106 allowed for. In theory the route is established by the agreement, albeit unmarked and unsigned.


  • A section 278 agreement is a section of the Highways Act 1980 that allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the council to make alterations or improvements to a public highway, as part of a planning application.
  • An S106 agreement is a planning obligation under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).
  • SEEDA (the South East England Development Agency) was one of a number of regional development agencies – it was closed by the Government in 2012.

We’d like to hear your comments about the planned path. It’s human nature to criticise more easily than to praise, but we would like to hear positive feedback as well as issues you see. We’ll aggregate the responses (including contradictory ones) next week-end (18/19 March) and report back to Havant.

People who cycle do so for a variety of reasons and have a variety of skills, experience, confidence levels and equipment. We’d therefore like to hear from as many people as possible. So, please send your views to me at It would help if your response could also indicate the kind of cycling you do, whether you are a regular user of Langstone Road, and how the proposed path would affect you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling

Cycling shifts up a gear at Havant Borough Council

Cycling infrastructure shifts up a gear at Havant Borough Council, where a pro-cycling islander, Councillor Tim Pike, has been appointed as Cabinet Lead for Strategic Innovation, Infrastructure and Projects.  This is a new role, reflecting the council’s growing realisation that our infrastructure needs a massive boost.

Although a councillor for St Faith’s ward, Tim has always lived on Hayling, and is very aware of the challenges we islanders face.  He also knows that cycling must play a key role in fixing the transport and infrastructure problems caused by all the past house building (whether or not the new developments go ahead).  When we asked Tim whether a particular project would be ‘cycle-friendly’, he said “all projects have to be cycle-friendly these days!”.  

Members of Cycle Hayling have met Tim three times recently to lobby for our programme of cycling infrastructure improvements, so we know he’s actively working with council officers to push through some of them.  We’re going to see big cycling improvements during 2017, both on the island and in Langstone and Havant, much of it funded by the controversial Bellway development north of Goldring Close through the Community Infrastructure Levy.

So Cycle Hayling congratulates Tim on his appointment, and looks forward to working with him to make Hayling a happier, healthier and more cycle-friendly island.