Letters in The Hayling Islander

The November edition of the Hayling Islander newspaper contained several letters that might interest our cycle community, and which some supporters may not have read.

One letter-writer singled out for criticism the behaviour of Hayling cyclists (in particular the “lycra clad fraternity” – so that excludes any of us ladies!). The criticism centred on cyclists riding two-abreast and not using approved cycle paths.

Four letters, however, concerned the new 30 mph speed limit on Havant Road, including a letter from John Perry, UKIP Hayling East Councillor. Apart from disapproving of the reduction in speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph, there were also complaints about lack of prior notification and signage from Hampshire County Council.

I’m sure many of us who support Cycle Hayling would disagree with at least some of these opinions. Instead of an “official”  response from Cycle Hayling, however, it might be more effective if individuals who felt strongly on these issues were to write their own letter to the Hayling Islander.  

The contact details if you wish to do so are:

email: sarah.foster@jpress.co.uk

by post to: The Editor, Hayling Islander, 78 Elm Grove, Hayling Island, PO11 9EE


Hayling Cycle Survey

Cycle Hayling is planning to run a number of cycle surveys, to gather information about cycle traffic on the island and usage of the Hayling Billy Trail.

We are seeking volunteers to take part in our initial survey, which will be purely a counting exercise, based at the south of the bridge. A later survey will involve a count and a short questionnaire and will take place on the Hayling Billy Trail.

We plan to run the initial counting survey on Sunday 17th May (8am to 8pm) and Monday 18th May (7am to 7pm). It will essentially involve working in pairs over two-hour slots.

If you can spare two hours on either or both of these days, and would enjoy counting bikes (!), please contact Sue Underwood at sue@cyclehayling.org.uk. Please state your preferred times/days and the number of time slots you can manage. Sue will then contact you with a choice of slots before the end of April. 

If you’d like to help with the survey work but cannot make those dates, please get in touch anyway, as we hope to perform extra counts in May and the HB survey later in the year.

Hampshire County Council has run a number of surveys in the recent past:

Bridge traffic surveys in 2005 and 2011. Please see the recent post “Bridge traffic & cycling stats” with excellent summary from Wilf Forrow, at: http://www.cyclehayling.org.uk/bridge-traffic-cycling-stats

These surveys were based on electronically recorded data. A similar electronic count is currently in progress at the north end of the bridge, and has been running since completion of the west-side cycleway. Our count will help to verify this data but also provide more detailed information on cycle journeys once on the island.

Hayling Billy Trail survey in 2004. Implementing this detailed survey was organised by Paul Fisher (HIRA) on behalf of HCC.

The survey can be accessed here:

With the associated appendices at:

The Hayling Billy Trail survey looked at all types of users of the trail: cyclists, walkers, dog-walkers, disabled users, joggers and horse-riders. It included a count survey and a questionnaire survey.

The results showed that the trail was “heavily used, and most popular with cyclists”. In fact 70% of users were cyclists! A telling statement from the questionnaire analysis was that “The majority of people said that they would use the path more if it provided a continuous and safe route to Havant”.