Cycle Hayling Map – More Information

This page provides updates and extra information to the sign boards showing our Hayling Island cycle map.

Click here to get the latest information about the Hayling ferry service.

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We have used strategically placed masking tape on all the sign boards to convert the wording “Current status believed to be: not running” to “Current status believed to be: running”. Click here to find out the latest status.

The landowner has given permission for people to cycle a short track parallel to Havant Road (A3023) immediately to the north of the marked location of the Mill Rythe Junior and Infant schools.

You can download a copy from here.

We show Hayling Cycles on the map – just to the north of Mengham on Elm Grove.

Sivyer Cycles is in a small precinct to the north of Havant. The easiest way to get there is to follow this route to the station, then go south on North Street…

There is a Halfords in the Solent Retail Park. Use this route to get there.

If you’re looking for replacement bike bits, Hayling Hardware might be able to help. On the map, it is on Elm Grove, north of Mengham and south of the library.

Click here to see the route to Havant Station using the Langstone section of the Billy Trail. See the ‘Local cycle shops’ section above for how to get to Sivyer Cycles from the station.

Click here to see the route to the main Havant shopping area, again, using the Langstone section of the Billy Trail. Here you will find a range of shops including:

  • The Parchment Makers (a Wetherspoons pub)
  • MacDonalds
  • KFC (at the west end of East Street go north and it’s on your right just before the bridge)
  • Bakers
  • Coffee shops
  • WH Smith (in the Meridian Centre)
  • Santander bank (HSBC is opposite the west end of East Street)

And, on the east side of North Street:

  • Poppins restaurant
  • Waitrose supermarket

Click here to see the route to the Solent Retail Park (which includes Halfords and a Burger King) via a large Tesco supermarket. We also show how you can get to the main shopping area (via KFC) and the railway station from there.

Click here to see routes to Portsmouth’s Eastern Road and the Hilsea Lines, and for onward routes to Portsmouth itself.

Note that these routes are an alternative to NCN route 2 which goes from Havant across the bridge onto Hayling via the Billy Trail to the south coast of the island, and then over the ferry to Portsea.

You can see and download a set of Havant cycle maps here.

You can see and download a set of Portsmouth cycle maps here.

We hope you’ve found the map useful. If you’ve got an idea for improving it, please let us know.