NICE advises local authorities about walking and cycling

From April this year councils in England will be taking on the new role of improving the public health of their communities, and NICE (The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) has been developing a range of public health briefings to help them with this.

This latest set aims to improve the health of local populations by increasing physical activity through walking and cycling, and through changing unhealthy behaviours.

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Hayling Billy treasure hunt progress to 18 Jan ’13

We have:

  • Met with Peter Drury of HB50 to discuss we will work together. The meeting was very productive and we readily agreed how we would split the work between us. We also agreed some specific actions to take in the immediate future (most have been done already).
  • Supported Peter in his presentation to the Hayling Island Residents Association
  • Following an introduction from Peter, we have started discussion with Havant council about the possibility of a booth in or near West Street over the weekend of 6/7 July.

More treasure hunt details on the project page.

Hayling Billy trail usability

The Hayling Billy trail is a great facility shared by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. At various times of the year it supports many kinds of cycling, and many kinds of cyclist. There is a regular band of commuters using the trail as a pleasant traffic-free start and end to their day; and some off-island commuters use the trail as an alternative way to Portsmouth (via the ferry) rather than ride around the mainland and down Portsea Island. The trail is popular with weekend leisure cyclists. Young children learn to ride their bikes along the trail. It’s a nice route if you go shopping in Havant by bike. Cyclists ride the trail on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, touring bikes or their shopping bikes; out and out racing bikes can be difficult because they work best on smoother surfaces, but ridden slowly and carefully a racing bike can use the trail … most of the time. But some of the time the trail is difficult for all bikes.

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North-South Off-Road Cycle Link – Progress Jan ’13

The option to share the Registered Riders Scheme (RRS) trail to the east of the main road (A2023) has been explored. All three landowners have been contacted and have indicated they would be happy to have cyclists sharing these paths; however all have also stated that the RRS must first accept the proposals. A Hampshire County Council officer has appraised the route and indicated that it appears feasible. To date (Jan 2013) Cycle Hayling, in spite of several requests, has yet to get the RRS to meet and discuss the proposals. We remain optimistic that we will eventually achieve a meeting with the RRS membership.

Safe Route to School Scheme – Progress to January 2013

Hampshire County Council has agreed to implement the northern part of the scheme (Footpath 88) between Eastwood Close and Mill Rythe and work is expected to commence in Spring 2013. The southern part is now deemed to be Phase 2 of the project and solutions to the contentious ‘pinch point’ adjacent to My Lord’s Lane are being sought.

More details on the project page.

I have a physical disability

There are several groups that provide advice on inclusive cycling. For example:

We have direct experience of battery-powered cycles in the group. These are particularly useful for people who lack the stamina for longer rides. They do, however, require pedalling. If you have any specific questions about battery-powered bikes, we’d be happy to try to answer any specific questions you might have here.

Similarly, we have experience with trikes – and even battery powered trikes. They’re particularly useful for people with balance or mobility problems. Again, we’d be happy to answer any specific questions you might have here.

We don’t have any direct experience of other forms of inclusive cycling, however. If you do, please get in touch.