Where can I cycle on Hayling?

We’ve created a cycle map of Hayling that you can download from this site. You can get a printed copy from several locations on the island including the Information Centre at Beachlands and the library.

Portsmouth City Council publish several cycle maps that include Hayling Island or are within easy reach of the ferry (which has provision for bikes).

We’re running several projects campaigning for improvements to cycle provision on the island. If you’d like to support our efforts, please subscribe to the supporter’s newsletter.

I’d like to cycle for pleasure

Hayling Island is in a great position for the leisure cyclist. We have the South Downs national park right on our doorstep.

The best way is to join a group. That way you can:

  • Learn routes that avoid main roads
  • Enjoy exploring the countryside with like-minded people
  • Stretch yourself knowing you have support from the group if you get into trouble
  • Get god advice about clothing and equipment
  • Find out other cycling possibilities in the area and further afield

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I need a bike

This article is for people that think they might need a bike, or a better bike, or just a different bike, whether you’re new to cycling or not.

If you don’t want to spend money until you’re sure it won’t be wasted, read on! You don’t want a terrible bike or the wrong type – that might put you off cycling for life and be a total waste of money. And you need to be safe!

Bike types can be very confusing – there’s a great summary of the different types on the Sustrans website.

If you don’t find the answers here, or you want advice on starting a different type of cycling (such as commuting to work, or joining a cycling club), you can always ask a specific question here.

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