Good Reasons to travel by Bicycle

Mengham Junior School pupils took part in a “Cycle Quiz” to think of as many good reasons as possible for traveling by bicycle. They came up with a fabulous total of 51 reasons why. Take a look at the list below, and if you can come up with any more good reasons, why don’t you tell Cycle Hayling about them? Just email them to, and if they’re good reasons for travelling by bicycle, they will be added to the list! Continue reading “Good Reasons to travel by Bicycle”

Credit where it’s due

We work alongside other organisations campaigning for safe routes to schools. In particular, we’ve been working with:

  • Hampshire County Council Minor Works Team – the team that resurfaced Footpath 88 and which will be implementing further improvements to the Safe Route to Schools network
  • Hampshire County Council Travel Team– which is helping us:
    • Explore and make a case for additional safe routes to school
    • Donate prizes for school cycling competitions
  • Living Streets – the national, pedestrians’ charity which we hope will be a source of funding for the Footpath 88 extension to the Mill Rythe Schools

And, of course, the schools involved:

We wanted to record our official thanks for all the time and effort they are putting in to improve cycle routes to the schools on Hayling Island.