Fun at the three churches fete

We had good weather and a great turn-out at the three churches fete.

Luke Coates at the three churches fete
Luke Coates – one of our turbo challengers being timed by Joy Forrow

The Cycle Hayling stand got loads of visitors and contestants for our ‘turbo challenge’. This year we had two bikes running simultaneously: one for adults and one for youngsters.

The early pace was set by the girls who dominated the leader board for the first hour, or so. The boys rose to the challenge and in the end the honours were split pretty evenly. The top girl managed to cycle 510 metres in a minute, the top boy managed 550 metres. That’s an average speed of 19 miles per hour and 21 miles per hour respectively! Truly impressive on a turbo trainer using a less-than-ideal bike.

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Money for local cycle projects!

The Government has announced “A nationwide drive to promote cycling in cities and national parks across England”.

This includes money specifically for cycle projects in the New Forest and South Downs national parks. See the announcement page for more detail.

We understand that the approved projects include a cycle path through the Butser cutting. Some of you might have signed the petition organised by Cycle Hayling committee member Robert Sebley. Robert worked closely with Mike Ashton of Portsmouth CTC who worked on the bid. Our congratulations to Mike, Robert and everyone involved in this bid – it’s been a lot of work over several years!

Safe cycle routes to schools update – August 2013

We recently updated the safe cycle routes to schools project page.

This note provides an update on each of the routes we are working on:

Shown as route 1 on the map below.

Route now open. Hampshire County Council completed it in spring 2013. All feedback has been positive, which is very encouraging, especially as Hayling residents are renowned for voicing concerns!

Shown as route 2 on the map below.

The landowner has given approval for a permissive route, but a “pinch point” is the main factor preventing go-ahead from Hampshire County Council. Cycle Hayling is discussing alternative options with HCC (e.g. short “dismount” section).

Shown as route 3 on the map below.

The land is owned by Parkdean Holiday Park. The site manager has given agreement to the path, but we are awaiting final go-ahead from the chief executive. Havant Borough Council is hoping to implement this route in 2014 if funds allow.

Shown as route 4 on the map below.

The landowner of southern section has given agreement.

The northern section still requires approval from Registered Riders Scheme (RRS) and relevant landowners. The RRS are unwilling to share this limited section of their existing routes. Having tried for some time, we have finally managed to open discussions with the RRS, but it is clear there is considerable opposition from RRS leaders to sharing the footpath. We are trying to address their concerns, because this appears to be the only feasible option for providing a safe north-south link. Havant Borough Council shares this view.

Shown as route 5 on the map below.

The main landowner (Hayling Island Builders Ltd) has given formal agreement to the link, provided they don’t incur any cost. The land is currently leased to A.D. Walter Ltd (a farm), which has been contacted by Cycle Hayling.

Active involvement by both Mill Rythe Headteachers and the Hampshire County Council Travel Team, which has adopted the project.

Site visit already carried out by Hants Principal Engineer. Feasibility study by Hampshire County Council will begin once legal clearance has been obtained.

£10k is potentially available for this project from Living Streets to spend straight away. Total cost may be more than £10k however, so we may need additional funding from Havant Borough Council.

This map shows all the above routes and how they link the schools together. Click the image to see more detail.

Map showing proposed safe cycle routes

Cycle Hayling supports motorists!

As part of work to establish safe cycle routes to schools Dave Mowatt is helping the Hayling Island schools and the Hampshire Travel Team explore options to set up a ‘Park and Stride’ scheme. This would allow parents to park in some of the Island’s car parks with easy walking to school.

If established, the scheme would reduce congestion at school times and increase safety for children walking or cycling to school.

We hope to see a trial scheme started early in the new school year.