Seafront path upgraded

The seafront accessibility path did not start well. Some sections had fared better than others, but even the best quickly broke up leaving large, loose pebbles across the path. It was only suitable for bikes with big tyres which – ironically – had no problem with the original terrain.

We’ve had discussions about the state of the path with Havant and we’re pleased to report it’s had a significant upgrade.

The large pebbles have gone and they’ve been replaced by a much smoother surface. That’s not only safer and more comfortable for bikes but also more suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

The new surface is the same as that used on the Billy Trail just south of the bridge. We have reservations about durability. It will be interesting to see how the surface fares over winter.

The area around the COPP memorial has also been upgraded and it looks like Havant has found a way to use some of the pebbles removed from the surface of the path…