Hayling Ferry company goes into administration

We understand the company that runs the Hayling Ferry has gone into administration. According to the company’s Twitter account, service is closed.

There’s still some hope the service will return if:

  • Another company buys the company or some of its assets
  • One of the councils takes it on
  • An entirely new service is created in place of the old one

That would seem to require renegotiation of either the controversial pontoon fees, a subsidy from Portsmouth City Council (which withdrew its subsidy last year) or both. That leaves little scope for a return in the short term.

That’s sad news for Hayling Islanders. It’s particularly bad for cyclists and cycle-tourism because it disrupts National Cycle Network route 2 which relies on the Ferry. The obvious alternate route (across Farlington Marshes and down Eastern Road) by-passes Hayling Island altogether.

We’ll post an update if we learn more.

Thank you from Cycle Hayling

Thanks to everyone who came to Wednesday’s public meeting.

We had an impressive turnout and were able to discuss a range of issues affecting cyclists on Hayling Island. Your attendance and words of encouragement renewed our motivation to bring about a cycle-friendlier Hayling Island. Your suggestions were welcome and we will follow-up on them.

Attendees included all but one of the prospective parliamentary candidates for Havant: Alan Mak (Conservative), Graham Giles (Labour), John Perry (UKIP), and Tim Dawes (Green party). There was therefore a very good chance we were able to brief our next MP on the problems we face and what we seek to do about them. I offered each of the PPC’s the option to send you a message via the web site and email list. Hopefully their messages will give you a good idea of the support for cycling you can expect from each candidate should they be elected.

I’m pleased that we continue to get support from our local councillors. Frank Pearce, Andy Lenaghan and John Perry (playing a dual role) all attended and renewed their assurances of help where they can give it.

If you would like to get more involved in what we are doing, there are several opportunities available to you. As just one example, Sue Underwood has started a new project to survey cycle traffic on the island. Please let me know if you’d like to play a bigger part in this or any other aspect of our work.

Thank you again,

Andy Henderson
Chair, Cycle Hayling